Most people after turning 50 will experience trouble with their bones and bone sockets. The only way to prevent and treat that is by taking better care of yourself and working towards strengthening them. There are more ways than one to achieve that.

Exercise to stay fit

Being too heavy or too thin are risk factors for bone loss. Along with proper eating, exercise is a key part of preventing trouble with your bones. Like muscles, bones become stronger when they are active. Exercise strengthens bones by making them produce more cells.

Spend time in the sun

In response to sunlight your skin makes vitamin D, and your body needs vitamin D to absorb calcium and build strong bones. Depending on your skin pigmentation, you may get enough by spending as little as 5 to 30 minutes in the sunlight a couple of times a week.

Make good food choices

Your bones need a variety of nutrients, including calcium and vitamins, C, D and K. Dairy products will give you calcium, and many are fortified with vitamin D. You can also get calcium in fish and tofu. Fruits and vegetables can get you the important vitamins and minerals.

Our little help for you!

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